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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Snake Robots 2021 Market Size and Share, Growth, Strategies, Market Price, Analysis, Forecast and Overview

Confined spaces exist. A confined space exists because of a lack of ability to take apart or dismantle components. Confined spaces exist in nuclear reactors where radiation is dangerous for human, aircraft inside the wings and other small spaces that need to remain intact, the human body which likewise cannot be dismantled easily, industrial processing plants that have containers, underwater environments, ship-building, and space. Buildings, roads, pipelines and other man-made spaces all have confined spaces. The world is full of awkward confined spaces.
Snake-arm robots are self-contained portable devices and extensions to existing systems. These products build on software and hardware technology.

Snake robots used for small space access, inside airplane wing access, first responder tasks, and surgery: They are used for going where nothing else can go. Snake robots provide systems that significantly improve traditional open surgery by consolidating the number of minimally invasive access ports to one and eliminating open surgery.
The automated process revolution has come to robotics, used in surgery, industry, ships, airplanes, first responder help, and communications. Automated process is being implemented via robots. Robots are automating systems, providing significant improvement in the accuracy of surgery and penetration of spaces that were previously impenetrable.

Table Of Content

Snake Robots Executive Summary 38
Snake Robot Market Driving Forces 38
Snake Robots Market Shares 49
Snake Robot Market Forecasts 51

1.Snake Robots Market Description and Market Dynamics 53
1.1 Snake Robots Automate Process 53
1.2 Modsnake Robots 54
1.2.1 Modsnake Robots Support Human Workers 55
1.3 Snakelike Robots Slither over Rough Landscape 56
1.4 Snake Robots Locomote 56
1.5 Serpentine Robot Applications 57

2. Snake Robots Market Shares and Market Forecasts 62
2.1 Snake Robot Market Driving Forces 62
2.2 Snake Robots Market Shares 73
2.3 Snake Robot Market Forecasts 84
2.4 Snake Robot Prices 116
2.5 Snake Robots Regional Market Analysis 118

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3. Snake Robot Product Description 121
3.1 OC Robotics 121
3.2 Sarcos Guardian S Snake Robot 152
3.3 Medrobotics Technology 169
3.4 University of Michigan All-Terrain Robotics: 176
3.5 Applied Robotics Technologies, LLC 184

4. Snake Robot Technology 212
4.1 Actuated Joints In A Tight Volume 212
4.2 OC Robotics 213
4.3 OC Robotics Snake-Arm Robot Basics 221
4.4 CISST ERC Snake Robot 239
4.5 Bio-Robotics Lab 240

5. Snake Robots Company Profiles 310
5.1 Applied Robotics Technologies, LLC 310
5.2 Fanuc 310
5.3 HiBot 325
5.4 Kawasaki Robotics 326
5.5 Kuka 328

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