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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Law Enforcement, First Responder, and Homeland Security Robots Market Size, Share, trends and Forecast 2015 By Hexa Reports

Next generation civilian security robot platforms leverage better materials, more sophisticated designs, software technology, and tablet remote controls to support high quality data gathering and communications in difficult situations. Bomb squads have need for better technology, more flexibility, better maneuverability.  The robots answer those needs, they can be tuned to the specific activity in which they are being used, using modular systems.  Platform robot modules are highly targeted to specific situations.  Robots make police organizations more functional, improve security performance by allowing remote operation.  The study has 582 pages and 257 table and figures.  

The ability to use robots for law enforcement, first responder, and homeland security is a function of affordability.  Many cost efficient robots have come to market, challenging those offered by some of the existing market leaders that are part of the traditional military industrial complex.  

Law enforcement, first responders, and homeland security robots are mobile automated process platforms that are responsive to homeland security needs.   They are emerging in the context of globalization and smart phone devices that provide connectedness. This global aspect of the first responder robots means that the devices have a presence in every part of the world.   First responder robots are inherently local, they are used locally, they are needed by security personnel in particularly dangerous situations.  Systems of engagement apps are evolving as specially designed ground robot networks used to address terrorism and local law enforcement and fire department needs to support community and city safety patrol. 

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Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

Northrop Grumman 
General Dynamics 
Energid / Mitsubishi 
Lockheed Martin

Mesa Robotics 

Mitsubishi Next-Generation Robot for Nuclear Power Plant Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection 
Northrop Grumman 
Power Hawk Technologies 

Key Topics

    Law Enforcement Robots
    Homeland Security Robots
    First Responder Robots
    Border Patrol Robots
    Ground Robots
    Bomb Detection Robots
    Networks of Military Robots
    Unmanned Logistics Vehicles
    Robots Market Shares
    Unmanned Vehicles
    Robots Market Forecasts
    Maneuverable Military Robots
    Military Embedded Software
    Sensor Networks
    Search And Rescue
    Robot Navigation
    Battery for Robots
    Robots Drive Control
    Robots Electronics
    Robots Market Segments
    Low Power Robots

Table Of Content

Robots Leverage Civilian Systems of Engagement 32

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Local Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, and First Responder Markets Entering A New Era 35
First Responder, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol Robot Market Driving Forces 39
Robot Border Patrol 40
SWAT Teams Everywhere Need Law Enforcement Robots 42
First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Robot Market Shares 43
First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Robot Market Forecasts 45
1.1 First Responders 46
1.1.1 First Responder Need for Robots 48
1.2 First Responder Robot Border Patrol 48
1.2.1 Border Patrol and Homeland Security 50
1.2.2 Delivering Robotic Capabilities to Border Patrol Teams 51
1.3 Robot Scope 52
1.3.1 First Responder Robot Applications 52
1.3.2 Types of First Responder Robots 56
1.3.3 Telerob Explosive Observation Robot and Ordnance Disposal 56
1.3.4 QinetiQ North America Talon® Robots Universal Disrupter Mount 59
1.3.5 General Dynamics Next-Generation CROWS II Increases First Responders Safety 61
1.3.6 First Responder iRobot 62
1.4 SUGVs 63
1.5 Robots Delivering Protection Capabilities 64
1.5.1 First Responder, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol Robots
Market Shares and Market Forecasts 66
2.1 Robots Leverage Civilian Systems of Engagement 66
2.1.1 Local Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, and First Responder Markets Entering A New Era 69
2.1.2 First Responder, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol Robot Market Driving Forces 73
2.1.3 Robot Border Patrol 74
2.1.4 SWAT Teams Everywhere Need Law Enforcement Robots 76
2.2 First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Robot Market Shares 77
2.2.1 Challenges That Define Modern Civilian Security 80
2.2.2 General Dynamics Robotic Sentry – Intruder Detection and Assessment 81
2.2.3 Northrop Grumman 81
2.2.4 Northrop Grumman 82
2.2.5 Northrop Grumman Cutlass 83
2.2.6 Northrop Grumman Mini-ANDROS II 84
2.2.7 QinetiQ Law Enforcement Robots 84
2.2.8 QinetQ TALON 85

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