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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Over-the-Counter Medication Flavor preferences and innovation opportunities Market Analysis and Forecast 2016

OTC innovation must move beyond health functionality alone to offer sensory benefits including taste and texture. As such, pharmaceutical companies are drawing inspiration from food and drink to broaden the options available to consumers to help overcome "pill fatigue."

Key Findings
Flavor preference is linked to perceived healthfulness with those ingredients consumers perceive most positively for health, such as honey and green tea, featuring among the most popular flavor options.

Floral/herbal flavors dominate the preferences of OTC consumers globally, although North American consumers exert a greater preference for fruity flavors such as berry and grape.

"Flavor Appeal in Over-the-Counter Medication" offers insight into flavor preferences within the OTC category, and explores corresponding opportunities for flavor innovation. It identifies regional- and demographic-specific nuances between preferences that can help inform efforts to target new or existing consumers.

CONSUMER INSIGHT: Access information from our consumer surveys to evidence the appeal of different flavors

DRIVERS: Understand the key insights and trends that are growing the market

INNOVATION: See the best examples of innovation, linked to clearly-identified trends

Reasons To Buy
Discover the most appealing flavors and flavor types in over-the-counter medication.

Uncover insight into the key consumer segments that are most likely to be a key focus for innovation.

Put flavor preferences into context by connecting them to specific consumer trends and needs.

Gain inspiration for innovation programs and new product development.

Table Of Content 

OTC flavor preferences at a glance
OTC flavor preferences by consumption frequency
OTC flavor preferences by region

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OTC flavor preferences by gender and age
OTC flavor preferences are linked to health
Opportunities by flavor type: dessert
Opportunities by flavor type: floral/herbal
Opportunities by flavor type: fruity
Opportunities by flavor type: sour
On-trend innovation: Health and Wellness
On-trend innovation: Comfort and Uncertainty
On-trend innovation: Sensory and Indulgence

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