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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hyperscale Data Centers Market Report Analysis, Growth Opportunities and Recent Trends to 2023

Worldwide hyperscale data center markets implement cloud computing with shared resource and foolproof security systems that protect the integrity of corporate data. Cloud data centers are poised to achieve explosive growth as they replace enterprise web server farms with cloud computing and with cloud 2.0 automated process computing. The implementation of secure large computing capability inside data center buildings provides economies of scale not matched by current state of the art enterprise data center standalone server technology.

Building size cloud 2.0 computer implementations feature simplicity of design achievable only with scale. These data centers implement cloud 2.0 in a move that works better than much of the current cloud computing. The cloud 2.0 data centers have been reduced to two types of components, an ASIC server: single chip servers and a network based on a matching ASIC switch. Data centers are implemented with a software controller for that ASIC server and switch infrastructure.

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The major driving factors for Cloud 2.0 mega data center market are cost benefit, growing colocation services, need for data consolidation, and cloud. Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Google, and Facebook data centers are in a class by themselves, they have functioning fully automatic, self-healing, networked mega datacenters that operate at fiber optic speeds to create a fabric that can access any node in any particular data center because there are multiple pathways to every node. In this manner, they automate applications integration for any data in the mega data center.

The Internet has grown by a factor of 100 over the past 10 years. To accommodate that growth, hyperscale data centers have evolved to provide processing at scale, known as cloud computing. Facebook for one, has increased the corporate data center compute capacity by a factor of 1,000. To meet future demands on the Internet over the next 10 years, the company needs to increase capacity by the same amount again. Nobody really knows how to get there.

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Everyone should know by now that the enterprise data center is dead. It will no longer exist in three years, that is the time it takes servers to become outdated and need replacement. In that timeframe, enterprises will migrate workload from the core enterprise servers to the large data center that can provide processing at half the cost of current processing. Maybe this forecast is too aggressive, but probably not. The mainframe stays around as detailed in a different WinterGreen Research report.

Market Leaders
• Facebook Amazon (AWS)
• Microsoft Google

Market Participants
• 365 Data Centers
• Amazon
• Apple
• Alibaba
• Baidu
• Chef
• China Building A Cloud Computing Complex
• China Mobile

Key Topics
  • Hyperscale Data Center
    • Scale
    • Automation
    • Cloud Computing
    • Cloud 2.0
    • Automatic Rules
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